CSR commitment

As recruiters for senior positions, BCP Executive Search participates in the economic and cultural development of clients’ companies and has a major impact in the professional lives of candidates.

Aware of these influences, we have created the concept of "strategic protection" of the company because we advise and recruit for roles that aim to protect the company's strategy by associating the quest for development with business ethics and the respect of laws and standards. 

Beyond applying this philosophy to our consultancy and recruitment assignments, we started putting it into practice within our firm. Thus, we have defined our own social, societal and good governance actions which, combined and formalised, constitute BCP Executive Search’s CSR policy. 

Given the nature of our professional activity and its leverage effect, our most salient issues are also related to governance, social and societal and we take them very seriously. However, we also want to minimise our footprint on the environment and have also taken steps in this direction.