BCP Executive Search's CSR commitment

Being a headhunter for senior executives means, on the one hand, participating in the economic and cultural development of client companies and, on the other hand, having a major impact on the lives of professionals who apply. 

Aware of these influences, we have created the concept of "strategic protection" because the functions on which we advise our clients on and recruit aim to protect the company's strategy and to combine the search for growth with business ethics. Beyond the implementation of this philosophy during our consulting and recruitment missions, we wanted to commit ourselves to social, societal and good governance actions. Brought together and formalised, they constitute the CSR policy of our consulting and recruitment firm.

Given the nature of our professional activity and its leverage effect, the most material issues for us are those related to governance, social and societal issues. However, we also want to minimise our environmental footprint and have taken steps to do so. 

Our "ESG" commitments

Promoting exemplary and effective governance

  • Promote and work towards the establishment of independent, varied and balanced boards of directors in order to ensure the company's sustainability
  • Contribute to the action of companies against corruption in all its forms by recruiting honest and proactive talent 
  • Contribute to raising awareness of governance risks among business leaders 
  • Support companies in strengthening their human organisation in "strategic protection" positions both at the level of the management bodies and the board of directors

Encourage responsible social practices 

  • Contribute, through the proposal of diverse applicants in terms of origin, gender, age and experience, to the increase of human diversity within companies and in particular in management bodies.
  • Recommend diversity and fight against discriminatory practices both within our firm and in our consulting and recruitment missions. To do this, we act according to three axes: 
    • awareness discussions with our customers
    • coaching of our candidates 
    • followed a formal and well-documented recruitment process to avoid discriminatory biases
  • Defend equal pay for equal work with comparable experience

Participate in the life of the City

  • Provide pro bono coaching for job seekers.
  • Teaching compliance and good governance at various universities and business schools as well as executive training courses. 
  • Actively participate in Think Tanks, professional associations and other workgroups to promote compliance, ethics and good governance.
  • Sponsor young people who commit themselves as a team to projects that combine competition, surpassing oneself and human values. Our aim is to strengthen, through these actions, their sense of solidarity, their resourcefulness, their tenacity - soft skills that we believe are fundamental for their future professional careers.

Reduce our environmental footprint

  • Our business requires a lot of professional travel. Whenever possible, we opt for public transport.
  • We have introduced electronic signatures for all documents to save paper and ink and aim to be a paperless recruitment agency by the end of 2020.
  • We have eradicated single-use plastic from our practice and use water from the city of Paris to avoid any mineral water bottles.
  • We recycle our waste and office supplies and redistribute our electronic equipment.

Charter created in 2018, revised in 2019