Consulting & Assessment of governance bodies : Board of Directors and Executive Management

Our goal, to paraphrase St-Exupéry, is "not to predict the future, but to help you make it possible".

How can you prepare yourself since you can't anticipate?

By making sure you have diverse, structured and expert governance bodies composed of complementary personalities who work well together - both individually and as a group - and who work together towards a common goal: the company’s successful performance.

As an expert in governance and leadership recruitment, Blandine Cordier-Palasse has built a tailor-made consulting service to help companies assess the efficiency of their governing bodies and assist them in structuring even more powerful ones.

This tailor-made assessment activity, for Executive Committees / Management Committees and Boards of Directors, is a two-stage process, to create best value :

Assessment of governance bodies: Board of Directors and Executive Management

Our assessment methodology applies to both Executive Committees and Boards of Directors. It is based on :

  • An in-depth assessment of each member of the body
  • An analysis of the alignment between the body and the company's strategy
  • A study of the way the body functions - from its interactions with leadership to its relations with the company's stakeholders

At the conclusion of this first phase, we present a report to the CEO/Chairman or Chairman of the Board, and then to the relevant body, setting out the strengths and areas requiring attention and suggesting measures for progress.

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Recommendations on the composition of bodies

Based on the assessment report, we issue recommendations on different ways to increase the body’s efficiency that we can assist you in implementing :

  • Mitigating deficiencies and inefficiencies
  • Recruiting
  • Training and coaching
  • Establishing strategies to measure their effectiveness

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